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The executive team

The Team

Alexandra Popa - Community Manager

Popa Alexandra is a community manager for ARIES Moldova and ICONIC Cluster, with the current mission of strengthening and bringing value to the ICT community in Iasi. She received her Bachelor`s diploma in Business Administration from the Al. I. Cuza University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Strategic Human Resource Management. She joined ARIES in February 2019 and ICONIC Cluster in October 2019 and has, since the first day, been involved in the management of the on-going projects and seeking new project opportunities. Creative and motivated, often found gaming or reading a psychology book during her lunchbreaks, she enjoys spending her day thinking and creating new ways to bring value to the ICT Community.
The Team

Doru Cantemir Vice President

Doru Cantemir holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Pisa and is an experienced engineer who has worked for major companies in Romania, Italy and Norway. He is an expert in 3D printing, drones, robotics and other technologies aiming to transform the world we live in. Doru coordinated and acted as a partner in numerous national and european projects dedicated to introducing inovation in education. In 2015 he founded Ludor Engineering, which offers engineering services and project partnerships. Ludor Engineering became an important promoter of education in relation to new technologies which is recognized on an European level.

The Team

Gabriel Cucuteanu - Secretary General

Gabriel Cucuteanu is managing partner of STABRIS, company specialized in offering consultancy in the fields of Competitive inteligence, Organizational Security and Personal Data Protection.
The Team

Marius Alexa - President

Marius Alexa is an active entrepreneur and CEO of Arhipelago Inc. a media company with focus in helping entrepeneurs develop their business ideas.