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September 5, 2012
Some words from Franck SALIOU
September 6, 2012

Iasi economy benefits from the existence of a prominent sector of creative industries and activities of many companies in IT & C. IT sector growth is supported by the existence of two major universities with faculty, providing qualified human resources.
But the county economy was affected by the global economic crisis, such as are necessary measures to improve efficiency and profitability of the activities of local firms, through the application of modern business strategy.

Cooperation between economic actors, as well as their academic and public authorities and institutions, is one of the solutions with the best results, proven in practice many developed countries.
Cluster is considered the most effective form of collaboration.

The objectives of this cooperation protocol are:
– Harmonization and representation of Iasi enterprises operating in the New Media (Internet and mobile platforms like smart phones);
– Increase the competitiveness of companies through joint participation in the markets and exchanges of information and know-how in joint projects;
– Collaboration with research institutions and innovation and higher education institutions;
– Better cooperation with relevant public institutions and authorities;
– Collaboration with other clusters in the country and abroad.