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September 6, 2012
Cluster benchmarking
September 6, 2012

Some words from Franck SALIOU

Marius ALEXA, initiator of this cluster project, named me as manager of the New-media cluster in Iasi. His choice is probably motivated by the fact I have a background in multichannel communication and I have time to focus my energy on the development of the cluster.

I want to make a short presentation about myself in order to know more about my motivations.

My name is Franck SALIOU. I’m twenty-five years-old. I’m a French volunteer. I have a Master degree level in Marketing and IT&C.

Before coming here, I worked in the marketing department of the second bank in France (Crédit Mutuel) during one year and a half. Specifically, I was within the Customer Relationship Management office. My job was elaborating customer segmentation, ie I had to target the customers for maintaining a personalized relationship according to their needs. In fact, thanks to an effective Information system, we are able to use a database with one hundred indicators for each customer. From there, we can research some correlations between the customer typology and its latent needs.

During my studies in webmarketing, I learnt how to optimize SEO and analyze performances of websites. The e-commerce is booming, the market is far to be mature, so lots of opportunities are to be exploited.

Now, I’m here in Iasi, for a period of 9 months, and I get involved in a social project within the association called APEC (Asociatiei pentru Promovarea Economiei Cunoasterii). I have been here for 2 months and I’m staying again for these next 7 months.

When will be the time for me to leave Iasi (March 31, 2013), I hope that the start of Iconic would have been bright and I could bequeath Iconic in healthy to a new manager.