ICONIC Cluster participa la prima Misiune Economica Afaceri.ro Cernauti
July 20, 2015
DOTISSI – noul membru al ICONIC Cluster
July 30, 2015

ICONIC Cluster has joined The European Cluster Collaboration Platform

Dear friends, partners and collaborators,

ICONIC – Interactive Cluster of New Media Industry City of Iasi has joined The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, the leading web platform for European clusters.

This platform provides online quality information and networking support for clusters (organisations and members) aiming to improve their performance and increase their competitiveness through the stimulation of trans-national and international cooperation.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is embedded within the European Cluster Excellence Initiative and financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, since it is an instrument provided by DG Enterprise & Industry to enable cluster organisations to actively play a role on the international cluster arena. This can be achieved either through a professional presentation of their activities/members, through a dynamic interaction in virtual or personal dialogue with peers in communities or through accessing structured cluster information and using it to become better.

For further information, you can visit the official website – www.clustercollaboration.eu