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December 3, 2012
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September 26, 2013

Although the ranking in the first few pages are getting difficult, it is quite possible to do without using the hard way. Thoroughness, daily work and patience to help achieve its goals.

1 – First of all, Think and integrate SEO within the website structure
The site must first be optimized in terms of its structure before launching it online.

2 – Measure and refine the choice of keywords
Use the statistical analysis of the site of keywords typed in the  search engines in order to adapt the content and selection keywords as requested by users.

3 – Provide 2 or 3 pages of presentation
In the case of a launch site, it is interesting to propose 2-3 pages of presentation of the site to come, so that the engine can begin to reference the site before its official launch.

4 – Investing on the editorial content of a site
The robot of a search engine contains only text, it does not interpret the images or flash animations. The principle is to define three or four main keywords and integrate them in the most natural way possible in the content of the page. It is possible to increase the weight of a keyword in a page by including a title, underlining, or creating a link above.

5 – Develop operations dedicated to linking referencing
Today, to increase the popularity of a site, it is important to work on the quality of links and content pages that link toward the site. Incorporate these links in qualitative content and keywords semantically related to its site is the most optimal way to improve its ranking.

6 – Reflecting its strategy of acquiring traffic before referencing his site
The search engine is an acquisition channel traffic and visibility. It is important to identify the target and adapt its strategy generating keywords to attract them.

7 – Check that the server supports the HTTP header “If-Modified-Since”
This operation can indicate some engines like Google if the content has changed since their last visit. This will reduce the bandwidth and the use of server resources.

8 – Think about the end user, not just search engine
This approach, which puts the user at the center of the traffic acquisition strategy determines the site’s structure and content production. Satisfaction research and expectations of the user is a precondition of the sustainable acquisition of targeted traffic

9 – Do not forget the vertical and local search tools
These tools do not provide actual line of sight, but if they are referenced, they come into account in the calculation of popularity.

10 – Be accompanied by a good specialist to avoid the pitfalls from competitors
The engines were put into service denunciation forms of spamming techniques and your competitors will not hesitate to use this way to announce a fake one to search engines. Be accompanied by a good specialist is important to face a malicious competition