Prezentarea Proiectului Festivalului de Tehnologie – „IASI TECH FEST 2015”
November 12, 2014
Iaşul va fi gazda unui festival de tehnologie
January 21, 2015

A Meta-Network of Clusters in the Framework of ClusterPolisee Project. Pilot action, implemented by the Institute for Economic Forecasting

Innovative cluster name: ICONIC – Interactive Cluster of New-media Industry City of Iasi –North-East Romania

Country/Region: Romania, Moldavia Region (North-Eastern Romania)

Date of establishment: 08.06.2012

Members: 20 (National/Regional authorities: 3; Companies: 17)

Core business: To represent the online & digital media startup companies from Moldavia region and other business services companies in order to create a local ecosystem open for innovation and new online products and services.

Cluster management association/Cluster manager: Marius Alexa


Web:; E-mail: [email protected] ; Phone:+40 332 803 248;

Postal address: Calea Chisinaului, 27, Fibresin Building, 2nd Floor, Office 4, Iasi, Romania

Relevant (full) description of cluster’s main activities (production, services):

ICONIC Cluster (Online & digital media sector) is an independent, non-political body whose purpose is to catalyze the local IT/media startups, technical universities and the local authorities for the sustainable development of the tech-ecosystem and its respective technology-based companies, in order to ensure the competitiveness of its Romanian members. Other important goals for ICONIC include: to make the best possible use of human and technical capacities in North-East Romania, to provide qualitative growth and new investment opportunities in the region and to setup in the near future one R&D center for IT that will bridge the technical universities and the local IT startups.

Cluster’s main activities include:
• Support in the area of R&D provided by local technical universities, workshops and marketing activities for companies and organizations from the IT/media industry
• Support of communication, logistics, recruiting, participation to international conferences for its members
• Consulting and advisory services for local IT startups that want to establish a branch for marketing, sales & distribution of online products/services on the US market
• Implementation of EU-funded projects mainly in the area of creating a mega-cluster in Iasi that will boost the cooperation with other notable clusters from other industries
• Cooperation with international partner organizations (e.g. Cluster 55 Sweden)